Lots of nasal problems can be successfully treated with medication, although sometimes surgery is necessary.

Nasal surgery to address airway and sinus problems has been revolutionised by :

  • An improved understanding of the natural drainage passageways from the sinuses. Previously surgery took no account of this. We aim to restore natural sinus anatomy and functionality.
  • Better imaging techniques including CT and MRI scans allow for a precise diagnosis of the problem.
  • Improved instrumentation allows for focused surgery with less post-operative bleeding and usually no need for nasal packing. e.g balloon sinuplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery to address the appearance of the nose has benefited from:

  • Digital imaging and image manipulation software to enhance pre-operative analysis of the underlying structural problem. This also allows us to show you the likely outcome of any surgery.
  • A better understanding of the variations in nasal anatomy and the structural supports of the nose